Web Applications to Use in Your Course

Storify is a free curation application that is easy to use and can be accessed from any type of computer. Simply search for your pictorial, audio, or text content-then drag and drop! There is nothing to it.


Thinglink is a web application that allows you to upload a picture and then place a variety of links throughout to guide learning or explore topics.


TedEd is a free application that provides video uploads with a summary, quiz, and deeper learning option. The library provides completed TedEd videos on a variety of topics or you can make your own!


Edpuzzle allows the user to upload a video, cut, add audio, questions, or annotations.


OneNote, Evernote, and LiveBinder are web applications that provide linear organization of weblinks in a notebook type form. Each program has the capacity to add pictures, recordings, and text on each page of your digital notebook.




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